Sample Adwords Tracking Spreadsheet

I’ve been using Adwords for a long time to drive traffic to my web properties. I always end up recreating a Adwords tracking spreadsheet for these campaigns and thought it might be helpful for others. A few things to know before diving in:

  • I’ve completed the first row with sample numbers to show how it works: You only edit the blue numbers; the other columns do the calculations for you.
  • This doesn’t help you with your keyword optimization efforts.
  • You might need to factor your per-unit production costs into the “Other monthly costs” column, or else, modify the spreadsheet to include a per transaction production cost column.
  • The projected annual profit column helps you to figure out your trends month over month; it isn’t a cumulative calculation over time (but you could easily modify the formula to take all previous months into consideration for that projected annual profit number).

Here’s the spreadsheet – have fun!

Screenshot 2015-11-28 at 11.25.41 PM

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