Todd’s (Almost)Perfect Aero Press Coffee Instructions

  1. Fill your coffee mug or a small milk frothing pitcher (preferred) with filtered water and pour into a tea kettle. Bring to a a near boil (~205F) while the next tasks are in progress.
  2. Slowly grind ~15 grams (or 1 coffee bean scoop-full) of high quality coffee beans (that’s 75-100 individual beans depending on bean size or a heaping scoop of whole beans) by hand using a pretty fine grind setting (not large enough to be pebble-sized, and not small enough to be espresso powder).
  3. Place the non-rubber end of the plunger on the kitchen counter. Place the reservoir over the top of the rubber end of the plunger so they overlap by a half inch (this is called the “Inverted Method”)
  4. Empty all of the grounds into the reservoir (it might be easier with a funnel). Note: You should always remove all old grounds from the grinder before making a new cup of coffee.
  5. Once the water is appropriately heated (190F, depending on the beans), pour into a milk frothing pitcher and place a thermometer in the water to wait for it to cool to the desired temperature. 
  6. Set a timer for 2-3 minutes (depending on your coffee strength preferences). The longer you brew it, the higher the chances of over-extraction (bitterness) and the more you may need to dilute it with water to achieve the desired strength.
  7. Slowly pour the hot water into the reservoir until it is approximately half-full. “Pre-brew” the water and grounds, allow them to bloom, and stir them slowly with the stirring wand for a few seconds before adding water to the top of the reservoir.
  8. Place a metal filter (paper filters remove the delicious oils) on top of the reservoir and then secure the filter cap on top of the metal filter.
  9. When the timer goes off, carefully invert the reservoir and plunger unit on top of the coffee cup. Tip: Hold by the reservoir; not the plunger.
  10. Apply very light pressure to the plunger as the coffee filters into the coffee cup. Once you begin hearing air escaping from the filter, remove the Aero Press, plunge the rest of the coffee into the sink and set the Aero Press aside to cool for a 15+ minutes.
  11. Pour the remaining hot water from the kettle into the coffee cup to adjust for your coffee strength preference and gently stir with the handle of the bean scoop or a small spoon. You may want to leave room at the end for milk. If you like, you can add cool water to your cup to make it cool enough to drink immediately.
  12. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee!
  13. Disassemble the Aero Press by carefully removing the filter cap and filter, then push the plunger all the way through the reservoir so it pops the puck into the garbage/compost bin. Then, carefully extract the plunger from the reservoir while taking care not to burn yourself on hot grounds. Scrape the grounds from the filter into the garbage. Coffee grounds are not kind to plumbing 🙂
  14. Rinse the entire assembly.

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