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Top 5 Tips: How to Write an Effective Résumé

The purpose of a résumé is to land an interview; end of story. If you get an interview, you’ll need to convince the employer to hire you. It’s incredibly helpful to keep this in mind as you write the résumé so you

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The Power of Curiosity to Build Your Career

Nearly ten years ago, I graduated from law school and had absolutely no idea where I was headed professionally. I had extensive education, but no clear direction because I had no passion for the law and few marketable skills. While

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7 Reasons to Write Your Own Résumé

There are many résumé services available online, including mine. Prices range from $50-$1000 and most of them offer to write your résumé for you. If you are serious about your career, hiring a résumé writer is a big mistake which will make

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Google Sheets VLOOKUP example: weighted scoring with variable / value assignment

Sometimes I make apps or spreadsheets to help me (or others) make decisions based on specific weighted criteria. It’s hard to find straight-forward, working examples of these kinds of spreadsheets online, so I thought I’d post one. VLOOKUP weighted scoring sample

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