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Sample Adwords Tracking Spreadsheet

I’ve been using Adwords for a long time to drive traffic to my web properties. I always end up recreating a Adwords tracking spreadsheet for these campaigns and thought it might be helpful for others. A few things to know

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Top 20 Shark Tank Tips

I spent the better part of the last few weeks watching episodes of Shark Tank and noticed some interesting patterns that might help aspiring show participants. Keep in mind that these tips are intended for people who actually want to make

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What’s CuteCapture?

I wrote briefly at about CuteCapture, an anti-spam app for web forms. I wanted to provide some more details about it in response to some questions I’ve received. Essentially, CuteCapture puts a fun, configurable, creative spin on anti-spam technology. When a

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A quick note about CuteCapture

This project started a few years ago when I needed a good anti-spam filter for some web forms I was managing for my mediation site.  I wrote a web app which used familiar images to generate a Captcha-type gateway to

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